More steps forward

This is now the second public build. It is however the first I have put an effort  alerting people to; it is because this build is a massive step forward.

The main things this build have added is the new menu design; my first piece of state-machine work, and attempts at not super basic animation. All in all its not perfect, but I have learnt a lot about how that whole thing works. As well; there is now some more feedback info, particularly to do with what interacts with what, and such.

I of course need more feedback on these things, but some is better than none!

The other interesting (not really important though)  part of this build, is all of these updates have been made from various places in Perth, and on my laptop. Maybe this will change how I optimised, or did things? who knows, not me, that's for y'all to tell me... hopefully.

Anyway; to anyone that's reading this, hey thanks, your great.

and to anyone not reading this, but who played the game, thanks as well.


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Dec 12, 2017

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