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Fun game! Only wish that the p's in the font you used didn't look like long n's lol. Also wish that right click would close the paint menu again, so I don't have to go back and click on the X button.

How do I change colors? So far I've only been able to paint things red...

When you go into paint mode, in the bottom left corner click on the word brush and then you can change the color


Thanks :)

Very cool and creative game.


Really Fun To Mess Around With, Im conflicted about the way it forces the more messy artstyle on you, sometimes i really like it and other times i do wish you could actually paint inside the lines when you wanted to.

still had a great time and would love to see more maps in the future 


cool game but it kinda forces an art style on you. if there were a solid color option and a way to paint within the lines it be more my speed lol us squares like neat clean coloring this is just to messy for me love the concept however could be a good game needs more options

Really love it! It's so cute and relaxing, and the music even reminded me of the calm vibe old animal crossing songs had to it. It's really creative and brings some sort of childhood fun to it.

The only issue I found was the game freezing when clicking on the little buddy on the right bottom corner, it started happening a few minutes after playing but it doesn't bother at all as long as I don't click it.

Relaxing and fun game. 

Game really gets my attention, and I really want to play it. The only way for me is trough Linux, and it is very "glitchy". When I press to paint the city, the menu stays on the screen. And paint tool doesent paint 

When I click save the game closes, is that supposed to happen? Great game!


trans rights!!

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Hi, is it supposed to be a constant sepia over the whole game? It's flashy and hurts my eyes, and I can't see any of the colors when I paint.

no not at all!!! 👀 if u shoot me your specs ill have a look into what could be causing the issue!

I hope this is the right info, I'm bad at computer stuff lol

Video Card: AMD Radeon R7 Graphics


RAM:  8.0 GB


I am very confused about the controls. Also how do I close the game without using task manager? Desperately needs a tutorial.


From the look of it, it really reminds me of The Unfinished Swan, but with colour and less puzzles

great game - sad that i don't use osx or windoze...

im having a tiff with wwise (the audio engine im using) trying to get it on linux; so hopefully soon!

great, and  thanks for the feedback! i'll keep tuned! :) 

Linux build in the latest release :D 

Score 1 max 0 wwise



this game is booing me

Super Relaxing!