Paint Game 1.1: share and enjoy

Its been a month, so now is the perfect time for a medium-ish update; Paint Game - share and enjoy. Along with some smaller tweaks to how painting works to make things bit less distanced effected. The main update comes in 3 parts.

The first is an update to saving pictures and maps, as well as loading maps. Where once you where forced to use a messy solution that was less then... uuuuuh great . Now you can browse files as you normally would. Using the SimpleFileExplore package for unity has hopefully made that whole process both easier to do, as well as made your pictures and map's easier to find.  However I was not able to test these on Mac and Linux, before release, so please comment, or get in touch if there are issues around any of this.

Speaking of Linux, there is now a Linux build.  (wooooo) I have again not been able to test this at all, but if there is something wrong, please get in contact and if your able send me an error log (I can explain how to get this as well) I will do my best to fix it asap.

Finally; on an entirely different note the big up date: Paint Game now has a sever you can upload Maps too. This sever is shared between all players, and will be moderated by me. This is a palce for you too show off what you've made, and how cool it is for us all too see! So go free, and share!!! I couldnt have worked out htis without the help of @idlemurmurs; so thank you!

And thats all from me, I am excited to see what everyone makes and will talk to you again if anything comes up, or we there is more stuff in the works!
Hope to see your towns!

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